HM-17 Bluetooth Module

499.00 {excl. GST}

Hm-17-2640 version is BLE 4.2 protocol, supporting firmware upgrade, current version V109/V110, support BLE5.0 upgrade, pin compatible with hm-11, hm-13.

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The main functions of the module are as follows:

1. Master and slave

2. Transmission function

3. Transmission through + remote control function

4. Super large transmission unit (MTU)/Package

5. Abundant AT command control system

6. Support modification service UUID

7. Support the modification of communication mode

8. Support iBeacon

9. Support hibernation and standby

10. Ultra-long distance communication, up to 40-100 meters in ideal environment

11. Faster transmission speed, 2~8KB/S

12. Most AT instruction systems are compatible with hm-10 / hm-11
13. Support universal learning function, which can connect and learn BLE modules of other brands in the market (without password).



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