BNC connector Socket, horizontal mount 5 pc(s)

210.00 {excl. GST}

These Molex Miniature BNC RF/Coaxial Connectors have a space saving design for mounting on PCBs. A Locknut and Washer for Panel Mounting are also supplied with these Molex Miniature BNC RF Coaxial Connectors.

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Product Details

BNC plug connector

The BNC series is the most commonly used coax connector. With its bayonet coupling mechanism this connector can be used up to 4 GHz. Both 50 and 75 Ω impedances are available. Connector styles are available for flexible, conformable and semi-rigid cable types. Versions of the BNC connector are available for mounting to printed circuit boards using both through-hole soldered and through-hole press-fit techniques. Both crimp and clamp cable termination processes are used for this series. BNC connectors are used for signal, data and video transmission applications.

Highlights & Details

  • The plug socket – name, according to the shape of the inner conductor defined.
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