HLW8012 Energy Meter Module

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The HWL8012 is a 5 Volt IC that monitors both voltage and current and output RMS voltage, current and active power encoded as a 50% duty cycle square wave where the frequency is proportional to the magnitude.

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The HLW8012 is a single phase energy meter IC from HLW techonology. HLM8012 provides RMS current, RMS voltage sampling and RMS active power with an internal clock and a PWM interface in a SOP-8 package.

Description of HLW8012 Module

  • Based on HLW8012, single phase energy monitor IC. SOP8 package and simple perpherial circuits. HLW8012 is the backbone of the pressure measurement. And the circuit has an internal ADC circuit.
  • Need to invasive to AC main power. VBe very careful when use it because of the HIGH AC voltage.
  • Rate current is 20 ampere
  • The module uses voltage divider to measure voltage. High accuracy. And use a resistor for measuring current.
  • Use pulse width communication. Compatible with all microcontrollers.
  • Output power, or current or voltage directly by frequency, which can be read by MCU like arduino.
            –    Voltage sense by resistors net.


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