Wind Direction Sensor FX-100

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The wind direction sensor has high quality light metal body which responds to even the slightest wind the sensor has high resolution and accuracy.

The sensing element of the FX-100 wind direction (magneto-resistive) sensor consists of a  rotating magnet shaft and a magnetically sensitive sensor. When the wind vane rotates due to wind it is rotated on a magnetically sensitive core by the magnetic shaft and this produces a linear output voltage.

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Features of FX-100 Wind Direction Sensor

  • Measuring range : 0 to 359°
  • Accuracy : ±1.5°
  • Resolution : 1°
  • Starting wind speed : =0.5 m/s (meters per
  • Power supply : DC 5 Volts
  • Output Voltage : 0 to 2.5 Volts
  • Instrument line length : Standard : 2.5 meters
  • Working environment : Temperature -40 °C ~ 50 °C Humidity = 100% RH
  • Protection level : IP65
  • Product material : ABS plastic with anti-flame retardant material
  • Power Consumption : 2.5-3 mWatt


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