Digital Multimeter – Multimeter with Probes

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multimeter is a compact, pocket-sized digital multimeter. It is ideal for most DC measurements. This meter is convenient for them on the go professionals who need to do basic voltage, current, resistance, continuity measurements, Diode check:3V/0.8mA, etc. This meter also has data hold facility and backlight for those nightlife DIY makers.

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  1. Brand: Mastech
  2. DC Voltage utpo 600V (In 5 Ranges)
  3. AC Voltage utpo 600V (In 2 Ranges)
  4. DC Current up to 10A (In 5 Ranges)
  5. Resistance up to 2 M.OHMS (In 5 Ranges)
  6. Tests AC/DC Voltage, DC Current and Resistance
  7. Transistor Check, Diode and Continuity Test
  8. Display Back Light
  9. Data Hold
  10. Rubber hostler for good grip.


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