3.5″ Inch TFT Touch Screen Module

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The display can be used in two modes: 8-bit or SPI. For 8-bit mode, you’ll need 8 digital data lines and 4 or 5 digital control lines to read and write to the display (12 lines total). SPI mode requires only 5 pins total (SPI data in, data out, clock, select, and d/c) but is slower than the 8-bit mode. In addition, It requires 4 pins for the touchscreen (2 digital, 2 analogs).

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This is the larger version of the 2.4″ display .This 3.5″ display and is designed to fit directly into the standard headers of an development board requiring no additional interface hardware.

The backlight always on, can not control the backlight, the backlight is connected to 3.3V. It Can be easily controlled by MCU such as PIC,ARM,AVR, and ARDUINO etc.

Features :

  1. User-friendly big display.
  2. Excellent resolution.
  3. Reliable touchscreen.
  4. Full viewing angle LCD.

Package Includes :

1 x 3.5″ Inch TFT Touch Screen Module


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