12864B V 2.0 Graphic Blue Color Backlight LCD Display Module

580.00 {excl. GST}

The 12864B Graphic LCD module is a 128 x 64 pixel LCD display with a blue backlight and white foreground. The display is fully programmable and can display a combination of both graphics and text. It can operate in both parallel and serial (SPI) modes which can be configured by the external pin PSB. In SPI mode only 3 data pins are required to drive this display.

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  1. Based on ST7920
  2. 128 X 64 pixels
  3. Operating voltage: 5V
  4. Led Backlight
  5. Module size: 93mm x 70mm x 12mm
  6. Viewing Area: 72mm x 40mm
  7. Display mode TN/STN
  8. Display type Positive Transflective
  9. Backlight VDD5.0V, Idd250mA
  10. Operating temperature Indoor
  11. Driving voltage Single power
  12. Driving method 1/64 duty,1/9 bias, VOP10.5V, VDD5.0V
  13. Type COB (Chip On Board)
  14. Number of data line 8-bit parallel
  15. Connector Pin / ZEBRA


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